About Us

About Us

Sick Bear, Inc. develops products to comfort sick children. Sick Bear, Inc. incorporates colors, materials, design features and decorations that make their products appealing to a child.

Cindy Kroiss founded Sick Bear, Inc., because her daughters needed a kid-friendly throw-up bowl that was “just right”. Her two-year-old got car sick. Nothing worked for her to hold. When her four-year-old had the flu, she refused to throw up into a food bowl. They sat by the toilet all night.

Sick Bear, Inc. developed the Sick Bear® Bowl to provide security and comfort to children with symptoms of nausea. The bowl is uinque and new to the market. Made of colorful melamine, bright pink, blue or yellow, the Sick Bear® Bowl is designed with textured handles for little hands, and it’s tip-resistant, sturdy and dishwasher safe.

Children like having their own, “just right” container when they aren’t feeling well. Not only can they hold the Sick Bear® Bowl themselves, they love feeling secure and being in control. Parents will be prepared for emergencies, including car sickness, colds or the flu.

The Sick Bear® Bowl is available at www.sickbear.com and selected children’s stores, hospital gift shops, independent drug stores, and pharmacies.