Here’s What People are Saying about the Sick Bear® Bowl…

“This is a great idea! Kids rarely can make it to the toilet to be sick.”

“Throw-up bowl for kids!!! Love it!

“This is just adorable. My daughter suffers from car sickness and she makes sure we take her Sick Bear Bowl with us anytime we travel in the car. :)”

“Pure genius. I wish I’d thought of it. Cute throw up bowls.”

“We have one of your Sick Bear Bowls and we just love it! My son always asks for it when he feels sick.”

“Unfortunately, the flu has hit our house this holiday season and it has spread like wild fire to all four of us. Luckily, my boys didn’t have to spend any time hugging the toilet. Instead, they could stay in the comfort of their rooms knowing that their Sick Bear Bowl would do the job.”

The Sick Bear® Bowl was the single best gift I received when my son was born!